About Us

Bringing Beauty to our Community

Our team works together to bring technical experience, quality, and care to your landscape investment. Since 1984, Smith & Enright Landscaping has provided full-service landscape management throughout the Central Coast.

At Smith & Enright Landscaping – We CARE

C – CLIENT-CENTRIC landscape solutions. We deliver first-rate landscape services.

A – AWARENESS of our environment. We create sustainable landscapes.

R – RELATIONSHIPS in our community. We assist and give back to our community and local organizations.

E – EDUCATING and elevating our people. We support and offer opportunities for growth to our dedicated team.

Our goal is to provide the best customer experience. To us, business is more than a perfect landscape – it’s about making the process a collaborative, easy, and enjoyable process for you. After nearly 40 years in landscape management, we understand your needs and what makes a good partnership. We believe longstanding relationships are built upon value – both in valuing our team and clients and offering value in our services. We appreciate our qualified and dedicated people and look forward to showing you the value Smith & Enright Landscaping can provide to you and your property.


In 1984, two men had a truck, a wheelbarrow, and a dream. Combining their love of plants and the need to support their families, Jim Smith and Rick Enright nurtured that dream to become Smith & Enright Landscaping, Inc. Nearly 40 years later, Smith & Enright Landscaping is thriving, with a team of over 60 employees.

Our quality work comes from the outstanding people that make up Smith & Enright Landscaping. Retaining the right team members allows us to provide landscape management services that exceed standards of care and professionalism. Working together to care for our environment while creating inviting outdoor spaces for your community is our mission.